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I'm an illustrator, animator, and graphic designer with a special interest in video game and character design. I love to draw, especially people, and I like to bring my illustration skills into my design work. I also love to read, play video games, and do puzzles, and I draw a lot of inspiration from those places into my work. Recently I have been enjoying bringing my designs to life with animation, and I hope to keep learning and improving so I can create more complex animations in the future.

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Editorial, Publication and UX/UI

Sarah Jane Matt

Halfling Hollow is a life sim game set in a fantasy world of elves, magic, and tasty baked goods. The player is a halfling who moves into an idyllic village to fulfill their dream of opening their own bakery. Customize your character and bakery to be unique to your personal taste, and explore the village and the surrounding countryside. Discover mysterious new ingredients, meet friendly characters who may teach you some magical skills, and build your relationships with your new friends.

Halfling Hallow

You have to be determined to change the world
with your art. Even though nothing changes,
that's what it means to be an artist.

Hayao Miyazaki

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