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 I am a graphic designer, illustrator, and lifelong student of design. After ten years in banking, I have returned to school to pursue my passion. My previous work experience has taught me that every penny counts. That attention to detail combined with my study or art and design blend to form an analytical approach to creativity.

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Branding, Typography and Illustration

Trevor McGonnell

The goal of the Financial Field Guide is to help raise the financial literacy for those who are just starting their financial journeys and for those who are looking to get their money journey back on track. Everyone’s financial situation is different, but the financial terms and concepts at the core of personal money management is knowledge everyone should have. This book is designed to be a starting point for basic money questions and to provide a reader a direction for further research on a topic. Let the Financial Field Guide help guide you and increase your confidence when it comes to making financial decisions.

Financial Field Guide

Give the audience 2+2, not 4.

Andrew Stanton

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