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Hi, my name is Eric Pham, a Graphic designer who has an interest in illustration and animation. As a designer, I have always been interested in becoming an illustrator and animator. From youth to adult life, I've been exposed to many influences in the design world that have shaped me as a designer today. I grew up watching many cartoons and playing video games, but my first love for animation was when I played with video editing softwares in my early to late teens. I hope to find myself
a part of a team working and developing games and or animation.

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Animation, Illustration, and Game Design

Eric Pham

Hedge Knight is about a hedgehog who bears the duty to fight an evil that is causing the world to decay. Originally
I wanted to be a bit silly and make this game about a hedgehog who becomes a knight to take back its stolen food. However, the game needed a lot more than a silly concept. It needed a purpose. I settled on the idea that the hedgehog becomes a knight to keep the world clean from waste. In a way, this tackles the notion of climate change, a real-world problem we are currently facing.
I want to create a story that raises awareness among those who play this on a real-world issue. I want Hedge Knight and his bravery to take action to be an inspiration to keep the world a cleaner and healthier space
to live in for everyone.

Hedge Knight

Every new discovery is just a reminder

We're all small and stupid

Evelyn and Joy Wang

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