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Hi my name is Em I am an illustrator and designer. As a designer, my work is a bit strange. I use illustrative elements in my designs and use my interests such as; cryptids and mythologies to axolotls and moths. This is to bring attention to things that most people would not think about, and create interesting work to go with them. I also cosplay and craft on the side so I like to try to add elements from those things into my digital work, like fabric, tread, and other sewing/crafting supplies

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Illustration, Cosplay, and Sewing/Crafting

Em Wuest

The purpose of Moth Tarot was to create a simplified version of a tarot deck that is based around moths. A tarot deck is a set of  78 cards used by some people to find insight in the past, present, or future by asking questions and laying them out in a certain pattern. I wanted to use my illustration style to make it easier to read by usings icons to represent each card, along with an illustration of a different moth for each major arcana card. Moths were picked to show off how pretty they can be, as well as representing change, transformation, and endings.

Moth Tarot

I don't know what you're running from, but a great witch once told me something about... punching fears in the face? What I'm trying to say is,
don't give up so easily.

Raine Whispers

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