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Modern Volume


I’m a Graphic Designer who specializes in illustration, loves printmaking, and is starting to dabble in motion graphic animations and video editing. I aspire to be hands-on and give my work a personal feel. So much inspires me whether it’s my group of creative friends, the Instagram Discovery Page, gorgeous color palettes, nature, or other graphic designers, inspiration is limitless.

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Illustration, Printmaking and Design

Nicole DuFour

Have you ever looked up at the stars at night and wondered who you are? Wow, that’s deep and kind of scary but it is a question that comes up occasionally. Take an adventure with me across the universe through the Star Dweller’s eyes, a mystical being who roams the cosmos searching for a friend. Sometimes life gets a little lonely and I truly think we’re all looking for someone specific. Although we are all very much different from one another, when it comes down to it, we’re all made of the same stuff.

Star Dweller

I’m a first-class passenger on the spaceship earth and I got one ticket and I got to make the ride count.

Eric Bogosian

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